Fruit Shakes for Good Health

We seldom visit our far away home because time won’t allow us to do it as often as we could. We stay with my MIL during the weekdays, so, during long weekends, we make it a point to go home and enjoy the weekend there.

Being the weekend as our bonding time, we arm ourselves with chips, and the fridge filled with food, I make sure that the kids eat good food. From veggies to their favorite snacks, one thing that almost always never leaves us, bottles of liters of Coke. Every time we go home, we are actually consuming 2-3 liters of Coke for just a day, and it’s making me a very irresponsible mom for giving unhealthy food to my children.

To correct this problem, and because my kids’ favorite drinks whenever we go to restaurants for our meals are fruit shakes, and they prefer mango shakes, I decided to buy a fruit blender from out of my Christmas bonus.

Starting yesterday, we have been consuming mango shakes in our every meal, kids forgetting about Coke already. I wonder how long this will last but I am pretty glad that I am introducing healthy food to my children. This morning, we once again had mango shakes after breakfast and I hope to introduce more fruit shakes to them very soon. I wonder where I can get fresh strawberries so I could make strawberry shakes for them. Hmmm…

I say you start your children with fruit shakes too. My kids never really liked fruits, but they love mango shakes. To make my kids consume fruits without really trying hard, I have learned that fruit shakes will do the trick, hence, my fridge will be filled with fruits for blending starting now.

2 thoughts on “Fruit Shakes for Good Health”

  1. the fruit shakes look yummy! i love them too but i don’t fancy making my own so i only get some homemade ones when my sister makes them for me. haha!

  2. so true sheng! dapat as early as now, mag fruit juices and shakes na. since mom was diagnosed with the big C, she’s supplementing her meds with juices. =) lagi siyang pinapagshake ni daddy!

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