Turning A Child Into an Obedient Child

I have faults, I am not a perfect mother.

Last Friday, that very last day of the first week of the year, my daughter was prepping up for school when we noticed that it was close to her schooltime and she has not finished eating her breakfast yet. She has not even took a shower and she was agitated because we kept on prodding her to hit the shower, or finish her meal, and she is still doing her assignment which was given to them before the long Christmas break. Counting back, that’s almost 3 weeks of no school and she has to do her assignment on a schoolday because she ignored our reminders to her for making assignments during the Christmas break.

I have hypertension, and that time, it was sort of high that I didn’t want to be bothered by her. If I could have taken that instant seriously, my mouth would have been nagging nonstop. So the husband took care of her. Had her go to the shower room, finish her meals and dress up for school, while I was laughing real hard with the husband because it was a first that he has to nag in keeping the daughter finish everything else. The daughter was then crying that time because we were angry at her already and yet, the dad kept on warning her that if she doesn’t finish everything, no one will bring her to school because the service who fetches them are already outside the house waiting for her.

So fast forward, she went to school with her plate not eaten half-full, without toothbrush and without a proper shower.

When she returned home in the afternoon, clearly, she’s not talking to us. She remembers me laughing at her before she went to school.

And so I talked to her, explained everything. I told her what the cause of our anger was, and why I was laughing at her that time. So she understood, and I was able to tell her that the next time this happens again, we will not send her to school. I have an obedient daughter, and so she was trying to finish up assignments now that it is the weekend, and not waiting for deadlines to beat her up.

An open communication is what one needs to understand each other. There may be some reason for not understanding it earlier but it all boils down to a good conversation for one to understand each other.

Best Friend Mother

A mother’s love is indeed the golden link that binds youth to age; and he is still but a child, however time may have furrowed his cheek, or silvered his brow, who can yet recall, with a softened heart, the fond devotion, or the gentle chidings of the best friend that GOD ever gave us.

– Christian Nestell Bovee –

It’s a good thought that you are best friends with your children. I have never thought about it. I thought that I as a mother must be a mother. I need to make sure that their needs are provided for, their assignments checked, their health in good condition and many others. It was until recently that I read a book about how one can destroy a relationship by imposing what you want to your kids. You can just let them be. We as parents can ask our children their needs and wants, and talk about it. After all, open communication is the key to each good relationship.

Receivingmotherinstincts news and updates from your children is like developing a bond that knows no bonds. Imagine a relationship with your children which knows no secrets? That is friendship, and what can you give your children but the best of that friendship!



The Gift of Motherhood is Something Extra Special

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The last time I had TIME to write in this blog is exactly a year ago. I am so up to the neck with so many work related stuff, and other things to do that I just had to shut this blog for a while. The year-long hiatus, I have decided just now, is enough. And since I am still paying for the hosting of this site, I am quite determined to put a little something in between work, motherhood and personal busyness.

So the Bible says in James 1:17

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights.

The gift of motherhood is a “good and perfect gift” gift from the Lord. Unwrap it and you will discover a lot of things that will shape you, test you but all of those will give you JOY, satisfaction, blessings and more. The gift of motherhood is not enjoyed by many women. Two of my sisters, after a few long years of being married has not been blessed with a child yet, but we are still hoping and praying for children to be added to their families.

While my two kids are already on their teen stages, one is turning 9 and the eldest is already 14, I still have a hard time adjusting with the gap. They could be pesky at times, but I feel the enjoyment of motherhood unfold before my very eyes. As the husband and I join in the provision of their schooling, making sure they get good health, and they are not abused in school and may other concerns, we still feel overwhelmed that we are gifted with two beautiful children who could make us smile in the busiest and weariest days of our existence.

Parenting is a gift. And I am very happy I am recipient of this precious gift.



The Gift

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the Heavenly lights.

~James 1:17

While some may be trying their best to stop bearing a child as they are very prolific when it comes to reproduction, two of my sisters have been married for more than 5 years and yet, never had babies. Many of my friends remain childless too despite being very religious in trying out to making babies and making a family.

Parenthood, more so motherhood is a gift, that when given a chance, you need to embrace it and make the best to rear the children and take care of them so they grow to be wonderful people of the world. Parenting is a gift that not every couple is gifted with. And if you are a parent who has the gift of children, this is the time that you embrace the gift, make sure that this gift is being taken cared of, and be made sure that you ensure the family with HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT that will empower the children to be responsible people when they grow up.

Discover the joy of motherhood, it is a gift that when you learn to unwrap it and make use of it, it is the best thing that will shape you as a person.

Happy New Year to all the mothers out there!

For the Whole Family – We Bring You Paskuhan sa Gensan 2013

After all the many tragedies that have come warping our economy and the country in general, from earthquakes to super typhoons and the issues on PDAF and DAP which have been held hostage by politicians and their deplorable friends, there is this approaching Christmas that we also must face. And it is only once in a year that Christmas comes as compared to typhoons which make it until letter Z of the alphabet until the end of each year.

 It is my opinion that we should not refrain ourselves from some merrymaking for as long as we have in our conscience, already given something to help the needy. Yes, the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda and the earthquake in Bohol may have stricken off their calendars the name of Christmas but that should not be the case. It is in my belief that not only do we celebrate Christmas because of the eating and the luncheon, but we must celebrate it in the name of the one whose birthday is believed to be December 25. Come on, it is celebrated but once a year.

In this light, Paskuhan sa Gensan as a yearly celebration is to be celebrated this year as the Generals deserve a break from all the bad vibes that Year 2013 has brought about.

Also, this year’s theme, Pasko ng Pagkakaisa, Hudyat ng Pag-asa, is the city’s united shoutout of inspiration for victims of recent calamities brought about by Typhoon Yolanda and earthquake in Visayas.  It is also for renewed hope in the new year to come.

Paskuhan sa Gensan

Paskuhan sa Gensan is organized by General Santos City Tourism Council, headed by the city’s First Lady and the Council’s Chairperson, Ms. Jane Gollon-Rivera, in cooperation with DepEd Gensan and with the support of Department of Tourism Region 12 and Philbest Canning Corporation.

The celebration kicks off with the opening of the Pamilihan sa Paskuhan (Christmas Bazaar) at the Oval Plaza on December 6, today, and will be officially opened on December 17 with a spectacular Grand Opening Christmas Show at the Oval Plaza.

The whole month of December features events from various private and government sectors ranging from Variety Shows to band competitions to special parties for indigent citizens of the city.

Christmas is specially featured in first-time events Lantern Parade, Paskuhan sa Barangay, Mayor’s Night, Christmas Carols and Movie at the Park on December 15, 24, 25 and 26.

Pamilihan sa Paskuhan

Pamilihan sa Paskuhan is a Christmas Bazaar where there is a line of businesses displaying their produce, aka trade fair. Also, there will be booths for pre-loved items, food, indigenous products from anywhere SOCCSKSARGEN. This is one great place for promotion in as much as tourists and balikbayans can visit this place to check out what’s products are new in the area, what are affordable and what makes them interesting or exciting.

Here’s the layout of the Pamilihan sa Paskuhan which starts off today.

Movie(s) at the Park

While those of you can afford to watch movies in the best theaters, it is a fact that there are still many of our fellow constituents who may not have been to a moviehouse yet.

So instead of having to pay for a steep cost in the malls to watch a good movie, here’s something that will be a good way to unwind during the Christmas night times. Family movies will be played and they will be children-friendly in order for the masses to enjoy without having to deal with rated PG or GP hullabaloo.

There are still more events/activities to visit, here’s the Calendar of Activities that Paskuhan sa Gensan peeps has prepared for us.

What’s more, major streets together with the Oval Plaza and Plaza Heneral Santos will be transformed in keeping with the Holidays with the significant help from the diligent businessmen and women of the city. The Oval Plaza will be open daily from December 6 to January 5, 2014 for the Flea Market, Carnival and almost nightly events and parties.

 Paskuhan Sa Gensan culminates on December 31, 2013 with a Countdown to 2014 at the Oval Plaza to be led by the City Mayor Ronnel Rivera and his family.

The Daughter Can Draw

My architect/artist/engineer in the making

I am not sure what she wants to become by the time she grows mature enough to think about what she really wanted to do. As of the moment, every time I ask her, she does not give me straight answers. She’s 7 anyway, that’s why. But things are beginning to be clearer to me, she can really draw, and she is an artist by heart.

I have often wondered where my kids got their talent in drawing or painting; the husband does not paint nor can I. But the kids’ uncles and my own Dad has a way with pencils, maybe that can be reason enough.

I am just so proud of my daughter and son for they have the knack for putting into art what they want to express. And because I  can’t, I satisfy myself by just looking at their creations and I swell with pride.

This is my daughter’s version of a playground cum resort. I know her brain’s been capturing places where we have been to, but I was surprised she can do it in the aerial view.

What can moms do to encourage their children to do what they want? Well, for one, I would love that she practices more drawings and sketching and painting, that’s why I make it a point to buy all that she needs from colors to paint brushes and sketch pads. That’s all I can do to inspire her more. I also praise her for the nice drawings that she creates, and I make sure that I hug them for doing a great job.

As a working mother, my time is very limited because I can only personally care for them before they go to school and when I arrive home from the office. On weekends, most of my time is shared to going to class, doing the laundry and a few more chores. While doing all these chores may be a sign of your love for the kids, it can be very incomplete and lacking quality. I hate it when I lose my time for the kids, especially when review periods for tests arrive. Periodical tests may be a love-hate relationship for us because I can also be drastic in reviewing with them, but I get the chance to get to know them more thru the lessons they share to me.

I just wish that my kids will understand that everything that I do, I do it for them. All the things that we as parents do, we dedicate to them. Sometimes it may be hard for them to understand this, but giving them constant love thru communication even if you lack time with them, can be a consolation.

Best Money-saving Tips One Can Use

I am glad that I don’t really splurge on something really luxurious. In fact, I am a very simple wife, a mother who would only love to pamper children more because I love them and it can be through giving them the right amount of love, from food to clothes to a few wants. While this year seems to be an austerity year for me and my family because of the husband’s displacement from work, all the more that I feel the need to save money because I have to feed the kids alone, until hopefully the husband finds a job.

Here are a few tips I have been using even way before.

1. While I may love coffee very much, my love for coffee only stays at home. I drink coffee at home because I don’t like to spend on branded coffee as it is really expensive. Besides, the home coffee you would take would still perk you up however cheap it is.

2. I recycle my clothes. It’s been a long while that I have not bought any clothes or shirts for that matter. As much as I would love to have them new clothes, I still love to use some of my old clothes that’s why I really do not buy new ones.

3. Invest in quality items. I got this idea from the husband who deals with no-cheap matters when buying some stuffs. When he buys stuffs, it should be of quality make, otherwise, you will continue buying again and again because the first one has failed you because it broke immediately or wasn’t put to good use because of its lack for quality.

4. Bring lunch to work. I do that, aside from not being able to go out under the heat of the sun, there’s the savings because you will no longer have to spend for your lunch.

5. Avoid going to the mall when you can. This way, you can avoid spending for anything unless it is urgent.

This may be the challenges because one would feel the “CHANGE” in spending, but you should also learn to live with it, that way, you can save a few for your emergency needs.

Saving eh? Try these tips. It works.



Happy Eating Time with Your Kids

I envy those kids who, when called for meals, would automatically drop whatever they are doing for food. Because my kids never had that kind of enthusiasm when dealing with any meal except maybe when we go out and the east we can afford is a Jollibee meal. Oh well, kids! They always need appetite-boosting! So here’s what you also would want to learn – appetite-boosting tips for the kids’ mealtimes.

I have been having this problem since I had them, the two of them to be exact. Like brother like sister, I can honestly say that whatever I have experienced with the son, so have I with the daughter. They do not eat much, they are so picky with their food! I have been trying my best to really reach out, ask them, create foods that can entice them to eat many, and eat on time, but to no avail. Until, some magic told me to make a few innovations on their plates and so I have been creative with their meals since.

1. Play a game during mealtime. Trying to ask them what are the ingredients I have included in their meals would somehow boost their interest on what they are eating. From a simple answer of a chickpea, to an herb, they are now more at ease in knowing what is with their food.

2. Decorate the plate. Ahhh, this I have been doing, but it’s not only the plate that you should decorate. Maybe you should include the food that is to be set on their plates. I am sure that they will love a cute smiley banana on a saucer, topped with some chocolate melts. That would be lovely!

3. Try to eat somewhere else, outside the house, for example. You may eat in the backyard with Dad doing the barbecue, or in the veranda trying to breathe in some lovely clean air. And maybe you can all do the cooking too, just to make it more fun.

4. Teach your kids to enjoy eating while being conscious of their table manners. It goes  to show that while at at, being messy and all, there should be room for manners especially in the table.One good example is by how the utensils should end up after meal.

5. Treat them with what they want after the meal. A good ice cream, a strawberry meringue or anything that will keep them eating until they get to the best part of the meal – dessert! Remember! It should be nutritious too!

With all of these 5 tips, why don’t you try having a happy mealtime with the kids starting now. It ain’t too late to change their eating moods!





Mind your Diet this Rainy Season!

I have no idea there is a diet to be followed when it is a rainy season on your side of the world. Seriously. But when I found out, I was checking all over the net on what other facts are there to support their theories about having to follow a certain diet come the rainy days. So here’s what I got me poring over the past days…

  1. One has to avoid heavy, salty food as it promotes water retention and tummy bloating. This sometimes causes upset tummies especially for the kids.
  2. Eat light foods like fruits and vegetables, cereals. These are what the body needs, always!
  3. Foods cooked in oil are likely to decrease digestive efficiency, avoid them.
  4. Oats, chickpea, corn, nuts are foods which are drying in nature. They are certainly effective grow foods that may help you for easy digestion.
  5. Foods rich in Vitamin C are what you need the most. Okra, banana, citrus, even bell pepper and chili contain Vitamin C that may boost your immunity from getting sick.
  6. Try to avoid buying from roadside vendors as you may not be very sure how the food they are selling have been prepared. For your sake, it is always better to foods cooked from home, and enjoy one that’s sure to be free from any contamination.
  7. Vegetable soups combat infection because they are filled with micro-nutrients. And when you have soups, the cold feeling of tha rainy season will not get to your skin. You will feel relieved of the cold.
  8. To add immunity, you may add turmeric, garlic and ginger. They are good and potential immunity boosters.
  9. Also, bitter herbs and vegetables like the bitter gourd (ampalaya) make for good immunity boosters too and help prevent infection.
  10. To get you warmed up, a cup of tea or hot chocolate will keep you relaxed. Coffee may also do you good as it contains antioxidants. But remember, too much of everything is not good! So take everything in moderation.



Coffee Grounds for the Garden

To make your garden feel a tad happier, I learned that it happens if you put coffee grounds on it. Well, thank you for that information. When I went to Starbucks late this week, there’s this corner where a basket filled with coffee grounds are on display. And Starbucks coffee grounds are for free!

Starbucks coffee grounds for your garden
And since I love coffee, and I have advocated on what better ways one can use coffee for, here’s another great news for coffee lovers! Coffee grounds when added with the soil can make your plants a little happier. Here’s the reason why:

1. Your coffee grounds, when mixed in the soils can neutralize the acidic state that some plants give off to the soil where it is planted. In this way, the coffee grounds can help in neutralizing the health of the soil, replacing the acidic one with a more fertile soil as the coffee grounds also add compost to it.

2. Mixing fresh coffee grounds with your carrot seeds on the garden plot will repel weeds and root maggots on your root crops like carrots and potatoes. Also, it helps for easier sowing. Coffee grounds contain calcium, nitrogen, magnesium and phospohorus, also potassium which adds to a healthy ground for your plants.

3. Digging garden soil and mixing the coffee grounds with it will encourage earthworms that can be source of good compost soil for your garden. The soil get heated up, and in a short while adds nutrient to the soil.

4. A half pound of coffee grounds, when mixed with water and let sit on air temperature, will eventually make liquid fertilizer you can spray on your plants!

5. When your soil is mixed with coffee grounds, it is said to repel insect infestation. Also, it can help in the production of healthier melons and tomatoes!